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Webinar Sustainable leather goods from Ethiopia

Donderdag 30 september 2021 van 13.30 tot 14.30 uur | Online via Zoom

Leather has been used throughout history for its superior quality, durability and esthetics. What most of us are only starting to realize however, is its negative impact on nature when produced unsustainably. And as the demand for leather is unlikely to fade, the efforts of the Green Tanning Initiative for cleaner production of leather, are increasingly important. But what makes this leather so much better and where can you find such a product?

Thanks to the Green Tanning Initiative, Ethiopia can now offer high-quality, chrome-free tanned leather and leather goods using less energy, water and salts. This programme promotes technologies that reduce the environmental impact of leather and to create sustainable employment in the industry in Ethiopia. It is implemented by Solidaridad, Stahl, MVO Nederland and Ethiopian partners, with the support of the EU.

This online session will feature expert contributions from Stahl’s Michael Costello, Solidaridad’s Daniel Tesfaye, and luxury leather shoemaker Dechase’s Tewodros Dechase, drawing on their experience of producing, buying and selling sustainable leather and leather goods from Ethiopia.

3 reasons why this is interesting for you:

  • You will learn about Stahl’s Easy-white leather initiative, making it possible to tan leather using less energy, water, salt and 100% without chrome
  • You will learn about the possibilities for sourcing high quality, sustainable leather goods from Ethiopia
  • You will here the story behind the rise of Amsterdam streetwear brand DECHASE


  • Michael Costello, Sustainability Director at Stahl
  • Daniel Tesfaye, Project Manager Leather at Solidaridad
  • Tewodros Dechase, Founder at DECHASE
  • Frans Tilstra, Sustainable business developer at MVO Nederland

For whom?

European brands, retailers or importers of high quality leather shoes, bags and accessories