As an entrepreneur, you are always on the lookout for commercial opportunities, including for those that make your business (more) sustainable. So, you look for partners, customers or suppliers who can bring you a bit closer to your goal. In short: you search for partners who can safeguard the future of your business in the New Economy.

But where do you find these partners? And which ones are a good fit with you? This is where MVO Nederland comes in, as we can hook you up with our network. We can match you with a company that can help you to solve the challenges you are facing. Our role is to find you a surprisingly useful collaborative partner. It will in many cases be a collaboration that you could not have imagined yourself, let alone put into practice.


We pursue our pro-active matchmaking activities in a whole host of different areas. As a partner of MVO Nederland, our relationship managers will pro-actively support your search for promising collaborations: both within your sector and outside it. We know what your ambitions are and will get in touch with you if we see an opportunity to realise them.

Are you active in international supply chains? Then here too we can provide you with the right match. For example to set up a production process, find new sourcing areas or to start a (pilot) project. We identify international sustainable business opportunities in low and middle income economies and emerging markets. We match companies with the right partners internationally: entrepreneurs, knowledge partners, solution builders, and financiers. And we support them in their due diligence. Read more about our international projects and services.


Of course we also support The New Economy online. In our community, we match up business challenges and solutions. An example: are you looking for a partner to help you turn your idea into reality? Or have you found a solution for a particular problem or issue? Well, all you have to do now is create a free profile and post an item online that contains your question. We will then help you to find the right match.

Are you a MVO Nederland Partner as well? Well, in that case we will also help you to draw up your items and decide on the next step to take. In short: let Futureproof.community work for you to find you new sustainable business opportunities, relationships, ideas and inspirations. Thanks to your support, the New Economy is getting closer every day.