Whether you are looking for options for reducing your CO2 emissions, want to work on recycling your residual materials or are looking for funding for your sustainable innovations: as an entrepreneur, you will come up against specific legislation and regulations. MVO Nederland creates the best possible environment for future-proofing your business in the New Economy.

How we do this? We carry out pro-active lobbying, by talking to officials, administrators, politicians and policymakers, both here and in other European countries. We provide them with argumentation to help them deal with the existing political agenda. However, we also help to place new issues on the political agenda and on other agendas. In doing so, we start from the important positions and views that matter to the leading businesses in the New Economy. They are our critical sounding board and provide us with many inspirational examples that we use to back up our arguments.

As a promoter of the New Economy’s interests, we make it clear what needs to change if it is to become easier and more financially attractive for entrepreneurs to future-proof their business. We also work hard to effect changes to the system that benefit all the partners in our movement. These could include bringing about a sustainable taxation system, laying down robust and ambitious goals in the field of climate & energy policy and the circular economy, and encouraging the government to play a leading role in the facilitation of sustainable procurement & tendering processes.


Want to know more about our lobbying activities? Then get in touch with us and we will get back to you ASAP. If you’re interested in our views on the New Economy then click on the link (the button below).