Making your business future-proof starts with deeds by taking action. MVO Nederland helps you to do this. The right first step to take is to become a partner in our movement, because as a partner, you will be able to join existing projects and networks. Within the networks that we have facilitated, you will be able to work with a group of different companies that share your ambitions. So, join us and take your share of the New Economy. You can find a brief summary of our existing networks and projects below.


MVO Nederland already has a range of networks that you can join. For instance, there is the Frontrunners’ Network for the most ambitious and driven entrepreneurs. This network comprises the real leaders of our movement. This network’s partners already include Interface, Greenchoice, coffee roaster Peeze and Triodos Bank, which is how they are inspiring other companies to join MVO Nederland.

And don’t forget the Grote Bedrijven Netwerk (the GBN Large Enterprises Network) that now boasts over 90 major Dutch companies, including Alliander, ABN AMRO Bank, Heijmans and Landal GreenParks. The Large Enterprises Network connects up, strengthens and encourages big business to make CSR (Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility; in Dutch: ‘MVO’) the natural way to go, both inside and outside the company.


Are you on the lookout for a network that can help you with specific issues and solutions for your sector? Then join one of the sector-specific networks to collaborate with like-minded companies in the fields of innovation and sustainability. MVO Nederland has already put networks in place for the sector: textiles, care,  food and agribusiness, concrete and tourism. Each network connects up, strengthens and encourages the participating members to make CSR the natural choice for their business activities. Our common goal: to realise the New Economy.


Our national economies are intertwined with those of developing countries. Most of what you find on sale in Europe is at least partly manufactured in one or more low and middle income economies. This relationship brings mutual benefits, but responsibilities as well. This is why we also provide support for international CSR projects. We identify the sustainable business opportunities, initiate (pilot) projects and innovations, match the right companies and stakeholders, both Dutch and internationally and support them during the projects. Read more about our international CSR services.


Want to work on a specific practical solution for a group of companies? You can do this in projects that we have facilitated. Whether we are talking about climate-neutral, circular or inclusive initiatives – we take action in order to make an impact. Right from the Betonakkoord (concrete sector agreement) up to and including the Clothes the Circle associated initiative.

Projects and networks