The first step on the road to making your business futureproof is to join our movement. Being a partner of MVO Nederland means you are part of a movement of entrepreneurs that are all aiming for the same goal. Together we work on achieving climate neutrality, the circular economy, inclusive businesses and fair supply chains. Because these are all essential to ensuring the continuity of your business in the future.

Whether you are an SME, major company or self-employed – by joining MVO Nederland as a partner, you will be taking your share of the New Economy. It also means that you will benefit from the services we provide, these being services that can help you innovate your way to the New Economy. Just a few examples:

  • hook up both online and offline with appropriate like-minded businesses in our extensive network in order to work with them on innovative ideas;
  • Join sector networks and sector projects that we have facilitated in order to work together on expanding your options;
  • attend our events to become inspired about future-proof business;
  • make the difference, thanks to our lobbying activities in The Hague and Brussels;
  • get access to our New Business Roadmap,which use seven roadmap items to show you the quickest way to the New Economy.


We know that no two entrepreneurs are the same, which is why we have classified MVO Nederland’s partnerships into three different types. Choose the type of partnership that is right for you and then get in touch with us in order to set to work.


As an MVO Nederland Partner, you can access our network of entrepreneurs in the New Economy. You can attend our events for free and will pro-actively receive online and offline support for your matchmaking process. In this way, you will make surprisingly useful contacts and – who knows – find collaborative opportunities to take your business further. We will show you what the New Economy means for you and will offer you the expertise and tools you need to make the smartest decisions.


As an MVO Nederland Network Partner, you will be working with like-minded businesses on accelerating the process of transition to the New Economy. You may for instance work on a future-proof sector or chain – which may be cross-sectoral in nature or for a specific issue. Initiate an innovative project together and be guided in this by one of our network managers. You may also join one of our existing networks.


As one of MVO Nederland’s frontrunners you will be a real pioneer in the continued expansion of our movement. You will be working with other pioneers of the New Economy, you will be helping to determine the positions we take in The Hague and Brussels and you will be advising us on the content of our New Business Roadmap. Guided by your personal MVO Nederland account manager, you will benefit from our personal matchmaking and you will be introduced to policymakers and politicians. Read more here about our Frontrunners’ Network.


The table below provides a summary of our annual fees.

Fees by type of partnership for organisations with different numbers of employees.

Partner Network Partner Frontrunner
1 to 10 employees €300 €600 €750
11 to 100 employees €600 €1,000 €1,250
101 to 250 employees €1,000 €1,800 €3,000
251 to 500 employees €1,500 €3,000 €7,500

Fees by type of partnership for organisations with more than 500 employees.

GBN (Large Enterprises Network + option of 1 sector network Frontrunner
> 500 employees €7,500 €15,000


You can become an MVO Nederland partner for as little as 300 euro a year. Want to know more about the options and benefits? Then just contact us or else phone us at +31-(0)30-2305600. You can also become a partner right away by clicking on the button below.