Many Dutch companies indirectly or directly buy products abroad. Our national economies are intertwined with those of developing countries and emerging economies. Most of what you find on sale in Europe is at least partly manufactured in these economies. This relationship brings mutual benefits, but also responsibilities.

MVO Nederland supports businesses that buy, manufacture or invest abroad. We collaborate with Dutch businesses and their international trading partners to produce innovations for the New Economy. We work with individual companies and business groups, particularly in the agrifood, tourism, chemicals, textile, leather and coffee sectors.

Our services

  • Identifying CSR risks in international supply chains
  • Identifying international sustainable business opportunities
  • Defining a new benchmark for sustainable trade
  • Matching companies with knowledge partners, solution builders and financiers
  • Presenting results and encouraging knowledge-sharing

Our tools

  • CSR Risk Check: an online due diligence check for your international supply chain. This tool shows you the risks you are exposed to in the supply chain in a specific country.
  • IMVO voucher: entitles you to a 50% rebate on consultancy and research to make your international supply chain sustainable. This scheme is offered to you by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In 2018 MVO Nederland launched the ‘Business with Impact’ (Dutch: ‘Omzet met Impact’) programme, introducing a new approach to encourage sustainable trade in emerging economies. In this programme, MVO Nederland matches coalitions of Dutch entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Following research into promising market opportunities, (pilot) projects are being implemented to bring about fair and sustainable trade and investments.

Companies must as a minimum comply with the OECD guidelines and contribute significantly to the Sustainable Development Goals. The result will be sustainable sourcing, production and delivery, thereby making a measurable contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. The Business with Impact programme is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Do you want to know more about what MVO Nederland can do for you as an entrepreneur? Check out the links at the bottom of this page for more help with international CSR. Contact us if you have any questions.