If you want to keep doing business in the future then you have to take certain steps right now. Steps that lead to tangible innovation in the field of climate-neutral, circular, inclusive and fair business practices. Such innovations often start with awareness, inspiration and advice. MVO Nederland will provide you with all these, to help you achieve your future-proof ambitions.

We create the right environment for businesses to take the next step. From our coaching sessions on your CSR policy to workshops about ways for you to start the dialogue process with stakeholders. And from strategy sessions about CSR Risks, the OECD-Guidelines and Sustainable Development Goals to networking events where you can meet other entrepreneurs. Where possible, we tailor the activities to the sector that you are active in or to the issue that you are interested in. But remember, as befits an effective movement, in the end you will get the most out of it when you show initiative and actively work on your ambitions too. Together we will make the New Economy a reality, whilst simultaneously safeguarding the future of your business.


When you join our movement, you will start benefiting from a network of more than 2,000 like-minded entrepreneurs. We facilitate collaborations, guide innovative processes and work closely with you to achieve tangible results.


Want to know more about the facilitating role that MVO Nederland can play for your organisation?