Moyee Coffee, supplier of ‘fair chain’ coffee, works directly with coffee producers in Ethiopia. This company has its coffee roasted and packed locally. This generates three times as much income locally for farmers, as well as more jobs. When Moyee Coffee was looking for funding to set up a training programme for farmers, it came across an attractive scheme run by MVO Nederland.


MVO Nederland issues ICSR vouchers to those Dutch companies that practise ICSR (international Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility; in Dutch: ‘IMVO’). These vouchers cover half the cost of consultancy and research fees, up to a maximum of 10,000 euro. Businesses with a well-thought-out plan can apply for a voucher if they do business in one of the designated countries. Like Moyee Coffee for instance, which is using the voucher to train its producers to be sustainable.

‘Thanks to the ICSR voucher, we were able to take a team of local researchers to the farmers to show them where the most sustainable business (and profit) is to be achieved’, explains project leader Mark Kauw. ‘For instance, we looked at ways of reducing harmful emissions, as well as at how well the farmers look after their land these days.’

Moyee Coffee then used this trip to ensure that its training programme was a much better fit with farmers’ needs. The bottom line: a favourable outcome that MVO Nederland’s ICSR voucher indirectly helped bring about.


In the last few years, more than 150 businesses have already benefited from the ICSR voucher. Click on the button below to see whether your company could qualify for one too (in Dutch).

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