The coffee industry is under pressure. In many cases the production process has a negative impact on people and the environment further up the supply chain, while coffee roasters have to contend with thin margins, high costs and fierce competition. To address this issue it’s high time that ‘real prices’ were charged for coffee, throughout the supply chain. That’s why MVO Nederland launched the Futureproof Coffee Collective, a collaborative venture by various coffee companies aimed at charging the real price for coffee.

With the help of MVO Nederland, more than 20 coffee companies have now signed up. They are working with Solidaridad on a joint measurement model to assess the actual costs of coffee, i.e. including the social and environmental costs incurred in the production process. MVO Nederland is facilitating the entire process. True Price, Soil & More and EY are supporting the development of the open source model, which is aimed particularly at SMEs.


The first five pilots using the model are being launched for Colombian coffees. SMEs will be able to use the tool to compare their results with those of other coffee companies. They will then be able to understand and reduce the social costs.

“’True Cost Accounting’ enables you to assess both the costs and value of sustainably produced coffee. The Futureproof Coffee Collective takes a sound, comprehensive approach to achieve that fair price. MVO Nederland brings together a group of pioneering coffee entrepreneurs and supports them in identifying the hidden environmental impact and social costs in the coffee supply chain. That makes it easier for us to communicate with customers about the quality of coffee and the added value of a sustainable production process,” says Joel Brounen, Country Manager Colombia Solidaridad.



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