Circular Economy


Your average office gets through a lot of paper and coffee. After serving their purpose, both usually end as business waste – but they don’t have to! Breedweer Facility Services looked for – and found – a solution. After all, you should be able to do something useful with 5,000 tonnes of paper coffee cups and 4 tonnes of coffee grounds, shouldn’t you?

Breedweer is a partner of MVO Nederland who was introduced to our This is where entrepreneurs can find sustainable solutions for the challenges they face – and challenges that need the solutions they have found. This often results in fruitful collaborations, as was the case for Breedweer too.

Ecor, which supplies plate materials, saw the challenge facing Breedweer on the community platform and made the match. This is because coffee grounds and wastepaper make an excellent raw material for making such products as multi-use panels. This collaboration is now fully up and running, with many rooms and areas already being decorated with these panels.


The partnership between Ecor and Breedweer won the 2019 Futureproof.match Award. This prize is one that MVO Nederland awards each year to companies that have made the most successful match in the community.


Navied Tavakolly, Circular Economy Business Developer at Ecor, says: “ offers new opportunities and openings. You can build on existing discoveries and don’t need to re-invent the wheel. We are also helped by the fact that MVO Nederland acts as matchmaker: they know the members of the community, which means they can make good matches for possible collaborations. I especially like the link between online and offline, namely from an online community to an offline collaboration.’

Do you too have a sustainable challenge or solution? Then meet your match at!


  • Their successful collaboration was the reason why Ecor and Breedweer won the 2019 Futureproof.match Award. And remember that new matches could be eligible for the 2020 Futureproof.match Award! Go to
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