We experience the daily consequences of the design of our economic system. As a result, our environment and society are under significant pressure. MVO Nederland believes in an economy that is adapted to the limits of nature and society. In order to achieve a sustainable economy, the current system needs to be overhauled. We encourage and support companies to contribute to this goal. Additionally, we urge the government to make sustainable entrepreneurship the standard

MVO Nederland drives the transition to a sustainable economy with the largest entrepreneurs’ movement in Europe. This transition requires a change in the current system. The business community is uniquely positioned to quickly and effectively respond to changing circumstances. Therefore, we believe that together with them, we can achieve the fastest and best results. MVO Netherlands aims for at least twenty percent of the Dutch economy to be involved in the sustainable economy by 2025. This sustainable economy is based on values beyond financial considerations and operates within the limits of nature and society.

The New Economy Index

To measure progress towards our ambition, we have developed the New Economy Index (NEx), a new business roadmap which assesses our progress annually. This index consists of seven themes: new wealth, circular economy, biodiversity, true pricing, inclusive entrepreneurship, green energy, and transparent supply chains. These themes also form the focus of our work.

We understand that this story may sound quite complex. The sustainable transition is indeed not simple. However, when divided into three parts, it becomes much easier to understand:

1. MVO Nederland forms the largest sustainable business network in Europe, with 2,000 partners.

This network consists of approximately 70 percent small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, over 150 large companies (with 250+ employees) are also part of the network. Based on the impact that sectors have on the new economy, five sectors have been selected for specific focus by MVO Netherlands: agrifood, built environment, chemistry, textiles, and healthcare. Through the sector networks we have established in these sectors, we bring companies together. The sector networks also collaborate on a regular basis across sectors.

2. MVO NEDERLAND works on projects to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy

MVO Netherlands works on both long-term and short-term  projects with partners from the network to drive innovation, scalability, and impact. These projects are often carried out in collaboration with strategic partners, funders, and/or ministries.

3. MVO nederland raises its voice towards The Hague and Brussels to make sustainable entrepreneurship the standard.

Currently, too many laws and regulations are still designed in favor of companies from the old economy. Our public affairs activities aim to create a level playing field for all businesses.