MVO Nederland is a foundation that is classified as a PBO (a Public Benefit Organisation; in Dutch: an ‘ANBI’). The day-to-day management of the Stichting MVO Nederland foundation is carried out by a three-member management board consisting of one woman and two men. This board consists of a director, a chief operations officer and an Economy & Politics director. MVO Nederland employs a total of about 65 people. Our director reports directly to the six-person supervisory board. The supervisory board (‘Raad van Toezicht’) is headed by its chairman Peter Blom.

In addition, there is a Partners’ Council. This council acts as both advisor and ‘sparring partner’ to MVO Nederland’s management board. The council meets regularly to swap views, ideas, ambitions and experiences. The members help to decide on the course to be taken and to determine the strategy needed to achieve our goals.


MVO Nederland’s management board (its ‘Directie’) currently consists of the following three members.


Maria van der Heijden | director    

The person ultimately responsible for the organisation, in particular for the strategy and for having a thorough decision-making process that does justice to all partners (namely the Supervisory Board and Partners’ Council, plus the Works Council). In her capacity as director, she is the organisation’s figurehead and works on our external relationships.


Pieter van den Herik | CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER   

The chief operations officer (COO) is responsible for MVO Nederland’s internal organisation. This includes the coordination and correct execution of all our activities, as well as our financings, business operations and HR matters.


Michel Schuurman | ​ECONOMY & POLITICS DIRECTOR   

Responsible for the content-related implementation of the strategy, both in respect of entrepreneurs and the political, governmental and financial sectors. Works closely with leading companies and the Partners’ Council to shape and implement our business agenda and our lobbying agenda.


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