MVO Nederland is a foundation that is classified as a PBO (a Public Benefit Organisation; in Dutch: an ‘ANBI’). The day-to-day management of the Stichting MVO Nederland foundation is carried out by a three-member management board consisting of one woman and two men. This board consists of a director, a chief operations officer and an Economy & Politics director. MVO Nederland employs a total of about 65 people. Our director reports directly to the six-person supervisory board. The supervisory board (‘Raad van Toezicht’) is headed by its chairman Peter Blom.

In addition, there is a Partners’ Council. This council acts as both advisor and ‘sparring partner’ to MVO Nederland’s management board. The council meets regularly to swap views, ideas, ambitions and experiences. The members help to decide on the course to be taken and to determine the strategy needed to achieve our goals.


MVO Nederland’s management board (its ‘Directie’) currently consists of the following five members.

Maria van der Heijden | Director (Temporarily absent)

Ultimate responsibility for the organization, with a particular focus on strategy and thoughtful decision-making that takes into account the interests of all parties involved (Board of Trustees, Board of Partners, Works Council). As CEO, she serves as the face of the organization and has a key focus on external relations. View Maria van der Heijden’s bio here.

WOUTER SCHEEPENS | INTERIM directeur-bestuurder

Scheepens will assume the responsibilities of Maria van der Heijden starting from May 1, 2023, as she will be taking the next few months to focus on her recovery from Kahler’s disease. Please find Wouter Scheepens’ bio here.


As the Manager of the Partners & Sectors team, Pieter is primarily responsible for business development of partners and projects. Together with the Communications & Lobby team, they work towards mobilizing and activating partners, as well as expanding the partner network. The Partners & Sectors team plays a crucial role in implementing sectoral and thematic transitions. Additionally, they handle financing structures in collaboration with the Operations team.

Marije Perdon | manager COMMUNICATIons & PUBLIC AFFAIRS

As manager of Communications & Public Affairs, Marije is responsible for the positioning of MVO Netherlands, partner networks, and projects and programs. Together with the Partners & Sectors team, they work on partner activation initiatives. Marije also oversees the strategy of the brand and projects, as well as the implementation of marketing, communications and public affairs.

GEERT VAN WIJK | INTERIM manager operations

The Interim Manager of Operations is responsible for the internal organization of MVO Netherlands. This includes coordinating and ensuring the quality of all activities, as well as overseeing finance, operations, and human resources. As Hans has left the organization as of January 1, 2023, his position is temporarily being filled by Geert van Wijk.


The Manager of Programs and Projects is responsible for the goal-oriented and efficient execution of programs and projects. This includes tasks such as project and program intake, strategy development and implementation. They also oversee the tooling, monitoring, and integration with the MVO Netherlands strategy.


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