As an entrepreneur, you want to keep on doing business. And you want to secure your future. We believe that you can only do this if you do business in the New Economy – an economy that is climate-neutral, circular, inclusive and fair. MVO Nederland wants to work with entrepreneurs in order to realise the New Economy as soon as possible. To achieve this, we arrange surprisingly useful collaborations that facilitate innovation. And we create the right environment for this with governments and other parties.

In our most recent annual report, you can read, for example, that:

  • MVO Nederland is already laying down the road we should take in 7 sectors to make them sustainable from beginning to end;
  • our issue-based networks already have 330 active partners;
  • we have the ear of many Dutch MPs, who over the past year have used our input in at least 10 parliamentary debates;
  • we have already initiated 11 expeditions and impact coalitions, with many more to follow;
  • we already have sustainable programmes with Dutch entrepreneurs up and running in 10 countries;
  • and we have already arranged more than 1,500 matches between entrepreneurs in our Futureproof.community.

As you can see, frontrunning entrepreneurs are very much in the forefront of developments. We are accelerating this process and setting the bar high: our aim is that by 2025, the New Economy will be accounting for 20% of Dutch GNP. In our 2018 Annual Report you can read more about our most important achievements of the past year, as well as about the latest developments regarding Europe’s largest sustainable business network. In this way, the New Economy works for all businesses, both large and small. Will you join us?

Read the 2018 Annual Report in Dutch here: