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PRé Consultants B.V.

Over PRé Consultants B.V.

PRé Consultants shares 20 years of experience in life cycle thinking, resulting in providing the tools, knowledge and network to improve the environmental performance of your products. PRé has been developing state of the art life cycle assessment (LCA) software, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Our mission is to empower businesses to meet their sustainability goals. PRé works in initiatives to increase transparency in data and methodology. That’s why PRé is a Tier 1 member of The Sustainability Consortium. PRé is involved in the PCR Round Table, and represent The Netherlands in the ISO Carbon and Water Footprint standards.

PRé sponsors initiatives such as the UNEP Lifecycle Initiative and is organizational stakeholder of the GRI. For more information visit

Over PRé Consultants B.V.

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Organizational Stakeholder of GRI since 2005. The consortium of PRé Consultants, CAP conseil and Global Perspectives is the first GRI Certified Training Partner for the Benelux countries. PRé provides GRI Certified Training on Sustainability Reporting in the Netherlands. More information on . PRé Consultants is a climate neutral company.

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