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Greenwood International BV

Over Greenwood International BV

Greenwood International, incorporated In 2002, is a Dutch importer and agent of high quality timber and timber products. All our products come from Malaysia and are 100% certified from sustainable forest. From our office in Egmond, we sell our products to the European countries, Middle East and the Americas. To find the right balance between quality and pricing, Greenwood Intenational is working closely together with a select group of committed suppliers. For Europe and North America we are representative for TSL Timber Sdn Bhd and Strategi Mutiara Manufacturing Bhd. The latter one is the leading manufacturer of garden furniture in Malaysia.

Over Greenwood International BV

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Midden- en kleinbedrijf
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At Greenwood International we recognize the vital role rain forests play in the earth ecology. We admit 'logging inevitably affects the environment', but with careful planning and sound operational practices, disturbances to the forest can be minimized. We are also proud of our Chain of Custody Certification through the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). We strive to partner with suppliers who are committed to sustained yield and responsible forestry practices. In order to communicate with the society showing our strong commitment towards the environmental presentation, we introduced our own Green Policy Program. 

Our Green Policy Program takes all the action to come to a well - balanced mixture of environmental and commercial interests. The latter can be checked through sales, profits and annual reports. Environmental interests can be are being checked through audits from an FSC® or PEFC accredited body such as SGS. Our Green Policy Program contains the following keywords: Ambition, Transparency and Communication.

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