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Organisational structure

Willem Lageweg, director of MVO Nederland, reports to a board, which takes the important policy decisions and for instance adopts the annual plan and the annual accounts. The board meets five times a year and consists of the following members:

  • Simon van Driel, chair  
  • Tineke Bahlmann
  • Prins Carlos de Bourbon de Parme
  • Eric Bouwmeester  
  • Lizzy Doorewaard  
  • Johan Doruiter  
  • Anne Jan Zwart  

The MVO Nederland board is assisted by a Programme Council, which has an important advisory role in areas such as long-term strategy and major projects. The Programme Council meets three times a year and consists of representatives of the main MVO Nederland stakeholders: the mainstream business community, the scientific community, central government, CSR leaders from both SMEs and large companies, professional associations, umbrella employer organisations and NGOs.

  • Sijas Akkerman, Nature & Environment Foundation
  • Wim van Dijk, Klostermann Nederland
  • John Halmans, Gulpener Brewery
  • Paul van den Heuvel, Royal Dutch Timber Trade Federation (VVNH)
  • Hans Hoogeveen, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
  • Jeroen Jansen, ASN Bank
  • Huib Klamer, VNO-NCW
  • Wim de Kleuver, Northern Netherlands Chamber of Commerce
  • Enno Masurel, Free University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Suzan van der Meij, CSR Platform
  • Mario van Mierlo, VNO-NCW
  • Joost Oorthuizen, Sustainable Trade Initiative
  • Erik de Ruijter, Dutch Rubber and Plastics Federation (NRK)
  • Mark Streuer, CBW-MITEX
  • Johan Verburg, Oxfam Novib
  • Hann Verheijen, Triodos Bank
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