CZL Tilburg gaat bij oppervlaktebehandeling zorgvuldig om met chemicaliën en investeert in milieuvriendelijke productiemethodes.


About MVO Nederland

MVO Nederland inspires, connects and strengthens companies and sectors to take far-reaching steps in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). ‘Changing together’ is our motto.

What is CSR?

CSR means that companies take responsibility for the impact of their business activities on people and the environment. Through CSR companies try to tackle social and environmental challenges and find new opportunities for products, services or processes.

The benefits of CSR

Companies that have carefully embedded CSR in their core business tend to outperform their competitors. Outcomes include:

  • a better market position through cost reduction, increased turnover and innovation
  • new sales and partnership opportunities
  • a strong reputation as a result of greater distinctiveness and trust amongst customers, in the labour market and in the community
  • a strong business culture: employees are more motivated, more productive and healthier if they can make a positive contribution to society through their work.

Business network

MVO Nederland is developing a dynamic and fast-growing business network, counting not only beginners among its members, but also advanced users and leaders, both SMEs and big business. MVO Nederland can show them the market opportunities of CSR, facilitate mutual collaboration and give practical information on actually getting to grips with CSR.

Independent platform

Within the network of our independent foundation associations, companies, NGOs, research institutions, education and other public authorities work together to translate CSR directly into market opportunities in the sector, the region and the chain. MVO Nederland already reaches more than 100,000 entrepreneurs in this way.

Business processes

MVO Nederland inspires and motivates entrepreneurs to get down to business with CSR. In this way People, Planet and Profit are key to all business processes and business decisions, from purchasing through to sales, from production through to personnel policy. MVO Nederland gives entrepreneurs practical tips, shows good examples and refers to useful contacts.


MVO Nederland was set up by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2004.